Gleaming Falls by Countercruel
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Added: 30/07/2012 - 02:12PM
Updated: 27/08/2012 - 03:01PM

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Last updated at 15:01, 27 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 14:12, 30 Jul 2012

Online Magazine article:

This mod was designed in a purpose of making a calm and peaceful area surounded by waterfalls/bugs and exotic flora.
The main goal was to sqeeze as much content into the area that i had available to me, which proved hard at some points. The mod itself has optimisation and lore in mind and features zero to none framerate drops and but with the gorgous visuals you have come to love from my mods.

=Adjusted lighting in the house for a more darker feeling but still visible
=Adjusted water troff in the blacksmithing so the carpet does not clip through anymore.
+Added ambient lighting on the outside windows and more inside
+Added slow moving mist around lake and other water areas for a more water rising from waterfall feel.
=Adjusted lighting in house again, it is now perfect
=Added a water flow to the small waterfall at the entrance to the area
=Adjusted outside lights
+Replaced house with a stunning hand crafting shelter.
+Added more carpets around the shelter
=Adjusted rocks and rock wall next to the waterfall
+Added a Bookcase for book storage
+Added more little details
+Added more water currents
+Added More storage by request
=Adjusted some objects
=Adjusted waterfall more
+Revamped blacksmithing area, should now look amazing
+Revamped entrance waterfall
+Added more wildlife such as insects
+Added a new seating area by the waterfall.
=Reduced size of some lanterns to avoid hitting your head while moving about.
+Added a swinging blacksmith sign
=Adjusted lighting
+Named some storage containers
+Added appropriate props to the area such as a woodcutting axe and a pickaxe.
+Added cooking area by request
+Added firewood for Dawnguard arrowmaking.
=Fixed all containers
+massive reimagine for more lovely views
+added smelter by request (sorry it took so long)
+Added training dummies, melee and ranged
+Added more water effects and rocks for more realism
+More foliage added.

-Unique carved out land somewhat like mountain crest
-diverse flora with a mix of insects and natural lighting and sounds to go along with it
-Alchemy table
-Enchanting table
-Blacksmithing with storage
-Stunning waterfalls made to look as real and possible
-plenty of resting benches to absorb the view
-Giant waterfall behind the house gives a calm but fierce look

-Tons of storage from wardrobes to chests
-flora inside the house lets you become still immersed when coming from the outside
-All your books and food needs
-Weapon racks and shield racks
-Sun touched lighting
-Unique dust glow beams carry through the house for a peaceful fealing
-Fireplace for relaxing
-Plenty of benches and chairs for relaxing.

SUBJEKT Art for testing the beta to get rid of any bugs

Hope you enjoy it and give all feedback and dont forget to rate!