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Winterheart II is a complete atmospheric overhaul for Skyrim consisting of an ENB profile and weather mod.

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12th Nov 2012
Winterheart II is now available for download. The original Winterheart is now obsolete and all versions have been removed. For details on all the new features see "New In Winterheart II" below.

Winterheart consists of an ENB profile and weather plugin that work together to bring a whole new atmosphere to the land of Skyrim. The mood is dark and depressing, perfect for a game with Skyrim's stories, characters and locales. If you are a gamer who likes to lose yourself in the world that you are exploring and become truly immersed in your adventure you should definately give Winterheart a try.

-One of the most unique ENB profiles available for Skyrim
-Three performance/quality options: Quality, Performance and Lite
-Includes SMAA, a lightweight and effective form of anti-aliasing
-Compatible with either v0.113 or v0.119 ENB
-Optional vignette
-Subtle depth of field (DoF) suitable for both gameplay and screenshots
-Includes Tiny Sunglare by mannygt
-Weather and imagespaces tweaked to work perfectly with the ENB profile
-Unique personality for each of the nine weather regions of Skyrim
-Day/night cycle that represents that of scandanavia during the mid-winter
-Heavier rain
-More variety of cloud textures used during cloudy weather

These are the new features that you will find in Winterheart II if you are a user of the original Winterheart:
-ENB: Minor tweaks to the ENB including fixing blue volumetric fog and adding lighter nights if you choose to use the v0.119 ENB version.
-Performance: Additional Lite preset for even more FPS saving, needs user testing and feedback because my computer is not the best for testing this!
-Weather General: Further tweaks to some weathers once again with the aim of making them look their best when combined with the ENB profile.
-Regional Weathers: Each region of the world now has its own weather personality. I stuck to the Winterheart theme, which is of course harsh winter, but it is depicted in different ways in the various regions now.
-Clear Weather: Clear skies now feature in Winterheart, most commonly in one of the southern regions, The Rift, but on occasion everywhere else too. Like all other weathers they have been tweaked to work perfectly with the ENB profile.
-Cloudy Weather: Improved, now using more textures giving each cloudy weather a different look to the others and a less repetative look than the original cloudy weathers.
-Northern Lights: No longer visible in the southern regions of Skyrim but always visible should the clouds allow for it in northern Skyrim. In mid-Skyrim they have a chance to either show or not show as per usual.
-Documentation: Yay! A new .pdf with in-depth details of everything anyone should need to know about Winterheart including an updated install guide, compatibility, suggested mods. Suggestions welcome, please let me know how I can further improve the documentation!

Winterheart II is not just an ENB profile but it is an entire atmospheric overhaul that makes use of a plugin that alters the weathers and imagespaces of Skyrim. It is therefore not compatible with any other mods that do the same thing. For instance Winterheart is not and cannot be compatible with Climates Of Tamriel.
Note: mods such as Real Rain (Basic), Better Dynamic Snow and Lightning During Thunderstorms are compatible because they do not alter weather or imagespaces in the Creation Kit.
For more info on compatibility and compatible/non-compatible mods see the Winterheart v2 Documentation.

ENB Expert
1. Uninstall previous ENB fully and make sure you disable any mods that are not compatible with the Winterheart plugin (filename: WMGAtmosphericENBPlugin.esp).
2. Install your choice of ENB .dll, either v0.113 or v0.119 from the ENB website. I highly recommend the v0.113 version personally. I would only recommend use of the v0.119 if you want lighter nights.
3. Choose a preset from either Quality, Performance or Lite and copy the contents of that folder (but not the folder itself) into your Skyrim directory (not your Skyrim/data directory). If asked to overwrite choose yes.
4. Install optional files if desired. They include vignette, normal adaptation (see known issues) and the original Winterheart plugin without the new features. When asked to overwrite say yes.
5. Make sure the WMGAtmosphericENBPlugin.esp is activated, BOSS recognises it and should put it in the correct place in your load order.

ENB Novice
There is a *VERY* in-depth step by step guide that describes in great detail how to install Winterheart correctly included in the documentation. Just look in the Winterheart Documentation folder once you have downloaded the zip file.

Fog Inversion
This appears to be a side-effect of using HD6 code in ENB. Distant fog (i.e. the colour of mountains) may turn a solid white. This happens when exiting buildings and can also be caused by using the console to force weathers or teleport. To fix the issue, open your map and close it again. This fix may not work if you are using map replacers (such as paper maps). Sorry there is nothing else I can do about this issue.
Strong Adaptation
Winterheart ENB uses much stronger adaptation than usual (to darken the entire landscape) but this can mean you get blinded by bright lights or fire spells at night or in dark areas. If you do not like this use the optional "Normal Adaptaion" file to return adaptation to normal.

Winterheart would not have been possible without the help of the following individuals:

Boris Vorontsov - HeliosDoubleSix - Matso - PMind
mannygt - Andrej Dudenhefner and the Creators of SMAA injector - KyoKushinOyama

For more details see the documentation.
All assets used with permission.
A big thanks to all those who have supported the mod.