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You draw your bow faster, based on your Archery skill. The quickdraw perk boosts this speed 30%. With this mod, draw speed is between 100% and 500% faster.

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  • Turkish
3/05/13 - These gloves are now disenchantable, due to popular demand. I would like to thank Milruka for his awesome demonstrative video, and for PMing me to update this. Check out the video here to see the gloves in action:

Adds the gloves "Hands of Kinzhalka" to the game, which increase the speed at which arrows are drawn. These gloves are available for sale exclusively from The Castle Fletcher in Solitude.

If you add this perk manually with "player.addperk xx000D68" and you want to remove the perk, follow the instructions below from the comments, provided by user USMCAF:


to uninstall type player.removeperk xx000D68
like he said the xx stands for the two first numbers, which will be different for every player

seriusly dude,add this to your description