Dangerous Wolves by Jimmybob
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Added: 29/07/2012 - 11:30PM
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This mod's aim is to make wolves a bigger threat to low level players and NPCs than they are in vanilla. This is accomplished by boosting the race's damage and health without making them overpowered. I have play tested this quite a bit and seem to have them well balanced with bandits typically encountered at level 1 with the bandits only being sightly more difficult when encountered in the same quantity.

This mod does this by Tripling the base damage (to 15, from 5) wolves do, and doubles their Base HP (to 24, from 12). Making them a moderate challenge on high difficulty for low level players. This changes their functionality from target practice/"lol I'm leveling healing and armor skills while I let a bunch hit me" as found in vanilla and puts them where they belong, as a proper mob.

I bugged me how easy it was to kill wolves in the game, even as early as level 1 without armor on master difficulty it took 11 hits for a wolf to kill the player (100 base HP, and with regen).

I didn't see the movie The Grey, but I'm sure the wolves in Skyrim look like a bad joke compared to those.

Note: The change to the wolf race this mod makes also affects the wolf summoned by the summon familiar spell, making it useful and balanced rather than a complete waste of magicka/brief distraction. And should also affect those summoned by the the use of the specific werewolf totem that allows you to summon wolves making it making it more balanced of a totem choice, rather than underpowered, but I haven't tested the totem.