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Added: 29/07/2012 - 06:16PM
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Last updated at 18:17, 29 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 18:16, 29 Jul 2012

Banner provided by SvarogNL  ^^ I do not allow for using my recuorces for mods which are being made for profit. I support free mod community

Interior of a tower with 4 levels. 1st floor is just archmage tower remake and upgraded. Other levels are labolatory. Still much to do in this place but good modder might find this recource usefull

First this tower was made for someone as a request. Favor for favor or at least feedback but this person did ignore me at the end and since I did spend so much time on this thing I think someone else should be able to use it and appriciate my work.

I preffer to work on other type of interiors so this one wont be of any use for me. Still lots of work on this tower to make it nice place but if youre skilled mod creator you find this place grea addition to your work

If you like you can also use those My uncompleted project which most likley I wont ever complete

and Fell free to use any interior I made here ;)

If you like my work why not try playing my mods? This one is so far my most succesful one in Skyrim (NOT modders recource)