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This mod was made because I wanted a dual weapon to fit with Chilldren, IMO the best "vanilla" sword. I wanted to give her little sister some personality and a specific background in order to get a unique weapon with its very own enchantment and capacities.


Extract and drop the .esp file in your Skyrim/Data folder. Delete it to uninstall.


The Bards tell us that, before the Nords came in, the area around Falkreath was a Bosmer - or wood elves - realm. Now, only a few ruins remain. The Nords call them the Evergreen Grove, and cautiously avoid them, because It is guarded by Spriggans - and not just one!

Lately, a Dunmer alchemist came to Falkreath and asked about that sacred place. He was looking for an ancient Bosmer artefact named Crisalys that was supposed to be in the ruins, now at the bottom of a lake. The artefact was a Glass Sword enchanted with Spriggan Sap and a Spirit of Nature. The alchemist wanted to study it, as he was familiar with Elemental Alchemy and its use on elven weaponry.

Despite the hunters warnings, he went alone deep in the woods. Nobody saw him after that, and it's rumored that this foolish scholar met his fate with the Guardian Spirits of the grove. Did he find Crisalys? Nobody in Falkreath dared to look after, but maybe a brave adventurer could find the alchemist and retrieve that mighty weapon... who knows?


It seems that a group of Vorhikar Vampires have raided the Evergreen Grove and retrieved what remained of the Alchemist. According to the Dawnguards, they moved his remains and his possessions - including Crisalys - in they dreadful castle Vorhikar. Good luck adventurers. Bring garlic and wood sticks.


- One-handed glass sword
- Stats close to Chillrend with 1 point less base damage but 0.2 more speed.
- Can be fully Tempered with a malachite ingot and some spriggan sap.
- Unique, and therefore cannot be disenchanted and forged.
- Location: read the little story above and find out! Beware of the Spriggans, they're really deadly to any low level character.


- Spriggan Poison Damage, 15 health points per seconds during 4 seconds.
Useful against big bosses that last long, and creatures who can regenerate. Doesn't work on creatures immune to poison.
- Stamina Drain, 15 points.
Useful if you use it as a dual weapon, your "triple strike" power attack consuming a lot of stamina. I recommend using it with Chillrend, because visually they match and in dual mode with Crisalys, Chillrend gains her speed bonus. Always nice when you can't parry!

Bonus effects:
- Small protection against Fire - just basic flames, don't expect to dodge a dragon fire breath!
- Spriggan Swarm visual effect (green sparkles) when you make a critical kill with the blade. Just for fun.

Enjoy, comment & make suggestions... and endorse it if you like.

NOTE: the menu picture is in French, sorry about that. The stats may seem very high but that's on a high level character with top smithing & one-handed skills + magic rings etc. so don't get excited, It's balanced.


- Corrected names, now everything is in English.
- Removed availability in Lod's trade menu. That was for testing and I forgot to remove it, but if you want it back tell me on the comments.


WIP: maybe put the blade directly in the lake, because sometimes the alchemist "disappears" - vanilla game bug, not my fault. Feedback please.