The Destroyer by JP0005
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The Destroyer

This Mod Adds 2 New Weapons To The Game

The Rusted Destroyer & The Silver Destroyer
I Used The Rusty Mace And The Mace Of Molag Bal.

The Maces I Really Like Only The Rusty Mace Was Never Really Playable Exept For 1 Moment During That Daedric Quest.
The Normal Mace Of Molag Bal Has An Enchantment That I Did Not Like That Much.
I Made These New Versions Without Enchantment So U Can Add Your Own.
U Can Not Upgrade Them At A Grindstone.

I Renamed Them So They Are Easy To Find In The Inventory.
The Rusty Mace And The Mace Of Molag Bal Stay The Same (The Destroyer Versions Are New Copies).
The Stats Of These 2 New Versions Are A Litte Bit Different Than The Original Ones.
I Did Not Want To Make Something Overpowered So.

They Can Be Made At The Skyforge.
You Need The Daedric Smithing Perk To Craft Them.
The Crafting Items U Can See In The Pictures.

How To Install: Put The File In The Skyrim Data Folder.