Skyrim Alt-tab mouse fix by wheybags
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Added: 29/07/2012 - 12:58AM
Updated: 12/11/2012 - 09:12PM

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Last updated at 21:12, 12 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 0:58, 29 Jul 2012

1.1: Removed nomousy.exe, it was buggy and replaced it with my own ahk script. This should be the one and only update.
1.2: Fixed mild race condition, set timeout for sbw.exe so you no longer have to wait 15 seconds.
1.3: Removed previous timeout thing - was breaking for some people, added a version that doesn't use SBW, so you can just use it with fullscreen skyrim.


Basically what this mod is, is a launcher script for skyrim, that fixes the problem of the windows mouse cursor appearing as well as the skyrim in-game cursor.

Set skyrim to run in windowed mode, and set the resolution correct.
Copy the files into your main skyrim folder - not the data folder.

SBW will select the right launcher exe (skse or not), depending on whether you have the file in your skyrim dir, so don't worry about that.
If you use the non SBW version, it will just launch skse. If you're not using that - do! it's great :3

Run Launch.bat to launch the game, SBW will remove the window border, if it isn't, it should do when you press alt-space.
When you are in game, it will disable the windows cursor, and when you alt tab out, it will reenable it. The one and only disadvantage of this is that you have no mouse cursor for the steam in-game overlay.
If you get errors relating to getwindowtitle.exe, it is c sharp, so make sure you have the dot net framework installed (7 users should by default).

To add it as a non-steam game, add any old exe, then right click->properties, change target to point to Launch.bat. You needn't worry about the "Start in" directory, the script will cd to the right place anyway.

Note for the paranoid:
There are three exes in this mod, one of which come from the source I posted at the top of this page. getwindowtitle.exe is a c sharp program that I "wrote" myself - the source is from this stackoverflow question: It just prints the title of the currently selected window, so if you're really paranoid you can compile it yourself.
mouse.exe is an autohotkey script I wrote - source mostly from here:
The ahk file is also uploaded, if you really want to take a look.