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Changelog 2.1
Fixed Heroic Stormcloack Helm recipe

Changelog 2.0
New version to support Immersive Armors V5, groud-up rewrite!

Changelog 1.5
Added Dreamcloth scripting tags to Dragonhide armors, these should now properly gain the bonuses from the Dreamcloth (Enchanting) perks
Changed all Fur Hoods base type from Hide to Fur

Changelog 1.4
Adjusted nearly all prices, many reductions with a few bump ups
Added missing vendor tag to Vagabond pieces
Dragonhide set now requires WeavingMill (Smithing) to craft and meltdown

Changelog 1.3
Fixed missing reference to SkyRe_Main as a master file (again, and hopefully for the last time!)
Adjusted damage on Wabbajack weapons
Nerfed Hunter chest to 28 AC
Added missing SkyRe Scimitar weapon tag to the Redguard scimitars

Changelog 1.2
Fixed all IA weapons to match the proper SkyRe speeds and reach for their type
Adjusted all Axestaffs damage to match their baseline battleaxe counterpars (nerf)
Made sure all Axestaffs behave in SkyRe like Battleaxes (added SkyRe weapon tag)
Slightly buffed Warcheif's Battleaxe damage (required Orchish, used Steel materials, so 1 point less than an Orchish Battleaxe)

Changelog: 1.1
Fixed missing reference to SkyRe_Main as a master file
Fixed missing meltdown for Baratheon Warhammer, adjusted stats as well
Brought Hunter armor set down in AC value across the board (still slightly better than standard Leather armor)