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Adds over 100 new Redguard mercenaries with custom armour to the land, along with 3 craftable outfits and a new craftable scimitar

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[size=14]Hammerfell Bandits[/size]

By SamV96UK

What is Hammerfell Bandits?

"Hammerfell Bandits" is a complete recreation of the Redguard Mercenaries from Hammerfell. This includes the editing of the few that already exist in the game world, such as the Alik'r, as well as adding over 100 new Redguard Bandits you will encounter on your travels.

There are also 4 new craftable outfits, plus others that you will find on new enemies in the world. The mod also adds a new craftable Scimitar, complete with red rubies lining the hand guard.

The mod adds 4 new Hammerfell Bandit camps to the land, in Whiterun, Falkreath, The Rift and the Reach.

There are 5 new enemy types which have been added to various areas of the countryside:

~Hammerfell Alchemist (Replaced 'Mage' from V1.1)
~Hammerfell Warrior
~Hammerfell Marksman
~Hammerfell Scout
~Hammerfell Mercenary

Each new enemy has their own custom retextured armour and headgear, and has their own combat style unique to each class.

The Alik'r warriors from the quest "In my time of need" have been edited to make them less generic, and giving them more variation in their appearance.

What is the point of this mod?

The aim of this mod is to make the Warriors of Hammerfell much more immersive and interesting for the player. It is also to give the people who enjoy playing as Redguard characters the option to have Armour suits more suited towards their culture and appearance.

How can I download this mod?

Simply download the mod with Nexus mod manager, or alternatively download manually:

1) Download the main File: "HammerfellBanditsV2.0.rar"

2) Open the "HammerfellBanditsV2.0.rar" in winRAR, then extract "Hammerfell Bandits.esp" and "Hammerfell Bandits.bsa" to
your Skyrim Data folder.

3) Make sure that "Hammerfell Bandits.esp" Is checked under Data files in Skyrim Launcher!


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