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You\'re tired of hearing people say \"stupid dog!\"? Then this mod is for you! No more \"stupid dog\" comments. Enjoy the silence! =)

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Since there doesn't seem to be a mod like this and this phrase annoyed me from minute one, plus many "Pets of Skyrim" users are desperately looking for it (me included ^^), I decided to make it myself.

You love dogs and are bothered by people saying "stupid dog" all the time? You use "Pets of Skyrim" mod and feel annoyed to hear this phrase more often than ever? And what's even worse: people say this phrase to cats of Skyrim!

Well, here's the fix!

No more "stupid dog" comments! Plain and simple.

Download. Extract into skyrim/Data folder. Play and enjoy the silence!

To make sure the plugin works, please put it after any mod, that changes NPCs or their dialogues.

Release Date: 7/28/2010 v1.0

My Other Mods:

If you're interested in my other works, I'd be glad to see/read you on one of the following pages:

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- TheWinterhawks Hunting Dog Retex
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- TheWinterhawks Dog Retex - Spots
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