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Realistic Carry Weight and Capacity for Skyrim

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Realistic Carry Weight and Capacity for Skyrim
by MTichenor

NOTICE: If you find a bug, please report it! I can't fix it if I don't know about it. Also, send me a PM to get ahold of me faster if you have problems.


Have you ever wondered how the Dragonborn can run around carrying around dozens of weapons, suits of armor, and hundreds of potions...yet they don't seem to have a place to carry it?

I do.

This mod alters the player's carry weight, effectively treating it as a storage space limitation. This is based on the assumption that you can only carry what you are wearing and what you can fit in backpacks, bags, bandoliers, pockets, and pouches. This mod is intended to be used in conjunction with the other SkyRealism mods that I will be releasing.

You can carry a base of 50 units of weight in addition to what you have equipped as armor or weapons, on the assumption that most outfits in the game have various pockets and other places you can place random items.

Additional carrying capacity is provided by mods such as Leather Backpack, Saber Gear Backpack and Bandolier - Bags and Pouches.

NOTICE: When you change equipment, including backpacks, bags, and bandoliers, your maximum carry weight will be re-calculated shortly after you leave the inventory screen. Wait a second to give your character time to change clothes and repack his bags, and then check your inventory again if you're curious how much carrying capacity you have.

This mod is intended to be used with Encumbrance.

Requirements, Installation, and Load Order

WARNING: Skyrim will CRASH or behave strangely if you do not install the required mods correctly, or set the load order as specified.

REQUIREMENTS: This mod requires the following other to mods be installed.

INSTALLATION: Nexus Mod Manager has (incorrectly) decided that any mod beginning with SkyRealism is the same mod. When installing SkyRealism mods, it may display a message saying: "A different version of SkyRealism - XXX has been detected. The installed version is XXX, the new version is XXX Would you like to upgrade? Selecting No will install the new Mod normally." You should click "No.", so that it will install the mod normally. It may give you warnings that certain files will be over-written. You should select "Yes to all" so that it will update any existing files to the latest versions.

Credits and Thanks

Thanks to Cordsnwires, Elys, Dogtown1, Dragten, Hothtrooper44, Ironman5000, Is this display name taken?, JaySuS, Nikinoodles, Nivea, MECR, Merilia, PrivateEye, theRoadstroker, and Tupii for giving me permission to use their mods as master file requirements for my own mods.

Thanks to T3nd0, Cordsnwires, and jjc71 for the suggestions, guidance, and support. Thanks to trainwiz, wobbuvahi, and David Brasher for making the mods that kept me hooked on Skyrim long after it should have lost its appeal.

Compatibility, Issues, and Troubleshooting

This mod will conflict with any other mod that directly modifies or utilizes the player's CarryWeight variable. Mods which use Carry Weight Fortification effects (like those above) are just fine.

The carryweight shown in the inventory screen will not be accurate. This is because the text showing the carryweight is not updated continuously. The only time the text is expected to be accurate is upon opening the inventory screen. The SkyUI team has informed me that it is not possible to over-ride this.

WARNING: Make copies of your save files before installing this mod!

Before uninstalling this mod, it's highly recommended that you remove any containers, such as backpacks, bags, bandoliers, packs, pouches, etc.

After uninstalling this mod, you will need to recalculate your base carryweight and use a console command to repair changes to existing savegames. The correct carry weight value is 300 + ( ( Stamina - 100 ) / 2 ). Use the following console code to enter it, replacing ### with the correct carry weight.
player.setav CarryWeight ###

Change Log

Added MCM support.

Items picked up when over capacity will now be dropped (unless added by console commands). A RED warning will be displayed when this happens.

Updates to Carry Weight only occur on equipment changes now, rather than periodically.
Deactivates old versions of Capacity and Carry Weight script that may cause issues.

The Leather Backpack and Bandolier - Bags and Pouches mods are now required. Backpacks, bags, bandoliers, and belt packs are all crafted at the forge, and are listed under "Leather".

Fixed the vampire lord encumbrance issue. Dawnguard version has been made.

Inventory weights should be stable now, even after large numbers of rapid inventory changes.
Fixed a bug causing script to keep running when mod was deactivated.

Completely rewrote script that performs carryweight calculations...doing it the hard way.
Script calculations are now performed dynamically every 5 seconds, and on unequipping and equipping items.
Script no longer requires unequipping items, and can now be used for any actor.