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Armor for those who take a fancy to raiding and pillaging in a lore/realistic way. Be the ring-mailed warrior of your enemy\'s nightmare with true NORDIC MAILLE! This is the redone version by tonycoolmen.

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This is my version of Croc's chailmail mod. This mod is not standalone, if you have Croc's mod and this one, whichever one is last in the load order will have it's armor ratings show. The OG mod is here:

I really liked Croc's mod but I found the armor was too powerful so I scaled mostly everything down using the creation kit. Here's the stats I used.

The light armor (Nordic Leather Jerkin, Nordic Byrnie, and Nordic Lamellar) have been scaled to Studded armor (22), Scaled armor (32), and Elven Gilded armor (35) respectively. Nordic Leather helmets and their Nasal equivalents are scaled to leather helmets (12), whereas Nordic helmets and their Nasal equivalents are scaled to Scaled helmets (14). Nordic Boots and Gauntlets are also scaled for Scaled boots and Gauntlets (9 each). I've also renamed Nordic Lamellar to be Nordic Byrnie Lamellar.

The heavy armors are thus: Nordic Hauberk is now equal to Dwarven Armor at 34 armor rating. Nordic Steel Lamellar has been renamed Nordic Hauberk Lamellar and is slightly less than steel plate at 38 armor rating. The Nordic Heavy helm and it's Nasal equivalent has been scaled to Steel helmets at 17 armor rating. The 2.0 version has Nordic Splinted Greaves and Bracers, both set at 12.

The beauty of this is that now heavy armor wearers can have a Nordic style armor up till steel plate, which makes sense IRL and in game terms. I hope this pleases you and the good people who download this mod.


initial release
new textures and new heavy armor boots and bracers.

Below is the original description of the mod by Croc:
"Armor for those who take a fancy to raiding and pillaging in a lore/realistic way.

This armor set includes
1.TUNICS made by combining the red/blue vanilla merchant tunic with leather at the tanning rack
2. Chainmail byrnie (short sleeves) made with steel smithing perk
3. Chainmail Hauberk (Long sleeves) made with advanced smithing perk
4. boots and gauntlets.
5. Helmets (nasal and Gjermundbu) Thanks to shingouki2002
6. Lamelar Armor (steel leather)
7. Leather tunic (only male for now)
8. Heavy helmets from Nate Hallahan of Hammerwing Studios

male and female versions available!

armor goes well with the redxavier's raider helmet

1. clipping issues to fix
2. skirt animations to add
3. more tunic colors for armor and clothing

3. FOLLOW RULE 1 & 2

-Bethesda for their wonderful textures, models, and game.
-shingouki2002 for original helmet model
-Nate Hallahan of Hammerwing Studios for heavy helmet"

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