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This mod can also be found at the Steam Workshop: Proudspire Crypt


Meraxes provided the idea to create a crypt at Proudspire and helped with testing and pointers.

Here is another version:
Proudspire Crypt



My mod most likely will have to be lower on the list if you are using other mods that modify the inside of Proudspire. The only issue is that in my mod, I moved some crates out of the way of the secret closet. And adjusted the lighting just a bit in the follower's bedroom.



- The first entrance is through a secret closet, which is located in the follower's bedroom just inside the main entrance to Proudspire itself.
- The second entrance is a hidden passage, which is located outside just northeast from solitude. It is marked on your map as "Proudspire Hidden Passage."


Coffin Room:

- I use the following mod within my mod to allow players to sleep in the given coffins. To clarify, this mod file is already included in my mod.

Modder Resource - Functional Vampire Coffin Player and NPC

- Just as a side note, I couldn't get my follower to sleep in the coffin. Hopefully that'll change when Dawnguard comes out.


Altar Room:

It contains the Mal bal shrine, soon I hope to allow it to give characters the same bonus as the Blood Chalace.
"Activating the chalice grants the effect, Blood of the Ancients. This makes the Vampiric Drain spell absorb stamina, magicka, and health for one day. The duration can be lengthened by completing Ancient Power."


Shrine Room:

It is a small room, pictured above, contains the "Shrine of Julianos," which gives you a blessing of +25 magicka and cures all diseases.



- In the jail area there are main gates that are controlled by levers. When you head downstairs you'll come up on two levers, one on each wall. The left opens up to the cells and the right opens up to the escape path in the back cell/storage area.


If you're coming in from the back entrance, the lever is not on the wall. It is up on the side of the arch-way. See pictures above.


Jail Cells:

The navmesh in the individual cells are disconnected from the rest of the crypt to keep the victims from leaving their cells. This also means that followers won't be able to follow you into the cells themselves.



- When I make my mods I test the lighting while using the following mod:

Realistic Lighting and Customization (Skyrim Nexus)


- Fixed texture pop-up

- Finished navmesh, so your followers can follow you through the crypt.
- Altered the lighting in the altar room.
- Added three victims in the jail cells.
- Added some detail in the storage/escape/cell room.

- Original