Almost Unlimited Weapon Enchantments by Wolves425
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Added: 27/07/2012 - 07:48PM
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Almost Unlimited Weapon Enchantments

This Mod is no longer supported. What you see is what you get.
I do have a mod that is supported which gives unlimited enchantments.

Everlasting Weapon Enchantments - My original mod where all charges last forever. Unlimited weapon charges instead of costing 1 charge per use.

This mod makes all enchantment cost 1. which means when you use a weapon with enchantment, it will use 1 charge per hit/use. Basically it last almost forever.
It works for:
Bows, staffs, swords, axes, war hammers and custom weapons*.
All weapons with enchantments found around in skyrim.
Previously enchanted weapons prior to installing this mod
All new enchanted weapons made after installing this mod.

*There is exceptions for custom weapons and custom enchantments.
Read at the bottom for more details.

If you want a mod where weapon charges last forever, then check out my original mod:
Everlasting Weapon Enchantments
Side effect with this mod:

1 enchanting exp when disenchanting weapons ( bows, staffs and melee weapons).
May decrease value on enchanted items,
Will not work with other mods that edit and use enchantment values.
May be a weapon or enchantment I have missed - let me know trough comments and ill fix asap.
Version 2.0 is updated for the Dawnguard dlc and is a must have to make the mod work.
Version 1 is for those who dont have downguard.

If not some enchantments will not get 1 enchantment cost. Some might work others dont.
make sure its last in load order to be sure it works properly. Lots of other mods can/will interfere.
this is one of the reasons the .esp file is named zzzAlmostUnlimitedWeaponEnch, to make sure it appear last for those who dont use Nexus mod manager or other programs where you decide load order yourself.

Just drop the .esp file from the archive in your Skyrim\Data folder.

Change log:
v2.0 Updated for Dawnguard dlc
v1.0 Initial release.
Custom weapons and custom enchantments
This mod will work for all custom weapons which have vanilla skyrim enchantments on.

Will NOT work for custom weapons or any vanilla weapons which use custom enchantments.
Custom enchantments is all enchantments created in CK even those that is copied from vanilla enchantments and then renamed.

Let me know if you find any enchantments that do not have 1 enchantment cost when using a weapon.

My other mods:
Everlasting Weapon Enchantments - My original mod where all charges last forever. Unlimited weapon charges instead of costing 1 charge per use.
Thieves Guild - Special Job Quests - Bat file where you get all Thieves Guild Special Job Quests completed.