RZL - Lydia Tweaks by Raszul
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Added: 27/07/2012 - 05:14PM
Updated: 28/04/2013 - 04:28PM

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Last updated at 16:28, 28 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 17:14, 27 Jul 2012

Version: 0.3
Date: 27.07.2012

Having been inspired by by Improved Lydia I started adjusting that mod and ultimately ended up having changed everything from that mod and having added a couple of things of my own.
Thus it became a new mod.

  • Combat Behavior
  • Equipment
  • Appearance

Known Issues:
  • "Dirty" edit replaces the texts for armor/weapon improvements

Just make sure that you have none of these two files, or if you have them, please delete them. They overwrite my data for Lydias face.

Lydia now follows a stealthier and less direct combat style. Her equipment has been adjusted to match that change. She now has leveled equipment so it does no longer matter when you recruit her.

Also adjusts her appearance to be prettier and a bit 'darker' than the default one. Unfortunately it is not easily possible to alter her voice without loosing all her unique talk in the process - or at least I have not yet found a way of doing that.

Version: 0.5 beta
Date: 26.04.2013

I have uploaded the new version which is a carefully applied merge of my old version with changes made via the NPC Editor. It also includes a modified version of the script from Followers Combat AI which handles the actors actions during sneaking.

I also removed a bunch of changes to the global game settings that had sneaked into the previous version. These changes altered the string for armor/weapon quality improvements. IF there is interest in them, I'll upload them as a separate mod.

I would very much like to get some feedback on how Lydia now performs in relation to stealth, engaging into combat from stealth and combat in general. Any feedback is highly welcome!

  • way prettier while keeping the basic features
  • smarter (stealth) AI (beta)
  • no more changes to game settings