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Ever wanted to use bound weapons when mounted on a horse? Or equip a bound weapon without having to equip and cast the spell? Then this is for you!
Mounted Bound Weapons adds 3 hotkeys to your game; V, B and N. These can be used to cast bound weapon spells without equipping the spell itself (You still need to have the spell and enough magicka to cast it). These hotkeys allow you to equip bound weapons when mounted on a horse aswell.

V conjures a bow, B conjures a sword and N conjures a battleaxe.

Report any bugs you find, but note these things before asking questions or reporting bugs:
- You need Skyrim Script Extender for this mod to work. Download it at
- When pressing the hotkey, it will take a half second for the player to start drawing the weapon.
- Hotkey presses are checked every 100th millisecond, so quickly tapping a hotkey might not trigger it.
- When conjuring, the magicka bar does not become visible, but magicka is still drained.

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