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Added: 27/07/2012 - 03:26PM
Updated: 03/05/2015 - 05:46PM

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I was walking down the road, decked out in ebony armor, and a skeever decided to try and take me on. A big mistake for the skeever.

Are all animals suicidal or just stupid?

You are large and potentially dangerous to them, and they have plenty of other weaker prey around, so they shouldn't need to hunt humans.

This mod makes life easier for players playing as pacifists, or who want a more peaceful game.

I'm fully aware that this is a niche collection that won't be to everyones taste.

1) Cowardly Skeevers and Wolves (inspired by "cowardly wolves and/or skeevers" by jpro6)

This makes standard skeevers and wolves cowardly, so they don't attack on sight. You are large and potentially dangerous to them, and they have plenty of other weaker prey around, so they don't need to hunt humans. You can still hunt them. Doesn't affect those as part of quests.

2) Spriggans are More Peaceful.

For nature spirits, Spriggans are certainly very aggressive. If you roleplay as a nature-lover, or a priest of Kynareth, why should they always attack you? This mod prevents most normal Spriggans from attacking you (and most other creatures) on sight, and if you are being attacked, they may even come to your aid. This will not apply to all Spriggans or scripted Spriggans as part of quests.

3) Passive Mudcrabs.

This makes all normal mudcrabs harmless silt-feeders. They no longer attack on sight.

4) Cautious Bears.

This makes all normal bears cautious - They still attack, but now you need to be right up close to them before they will attack.
Aggro radius in vanilla: 2500 warn, 2000 warn/attack, 1500 attack
Aggro radius is this mod: 1500 warn, 400 warn/attack, 380 attack

5) Unaggressive and Cautious Horkers

This makes all normal horkers cautious - They will still attack, but now you need to be almost touching them before they will attack.
Aggro radius in vanilla: 850 warn, 640 warn/attack, 320 attack
Aggro radius in this mod: 800 warn, 400 warn/attack, 250 attack

6) Unaggressive and Cautious Sabrecats

This makes all normal sabrecats cautious.
Aggro radius in vanilla: 0 warn, 2000 warn/attack, 1500 attack
Aggro radius in this mod: 1000 warn, 600 warn/attack, 400 attack

7) Less aggressive Chaurus

8) Unaggressive and Cautious Giants and Mammoths

This makes all normal giants and mammoths less aggressive, and cautious.
Giant Aggro radius in vanilla: 1024 warn, 750 warn/attack, 375 attack
Giant Aggro radius in this mod: 800 warn, 300 warn/attack, 250 attack
Mammoth Aggro radius in vanilla: 1024 warn, 750 warn/attack, 375 attack
Mammoth Aggro radius in this mod: 800 warn, 250 warn/attack, 200 attack

9) "Catch" becomes "Catch and Kill".

When I first saw a butterfly in-game, I was delighted, so tried to pick it up as given the option to "Catch Butterfly". I was then horrified when I saw I had killed the butterfly and now had a butterfly wing in my inventory. This tiny mod simply changes the text from "Catch" to "Catch and Kill" as a warning to players that they won't just catch the creature, but will also kill it if they try to activate it. It applies to butterflies, moths, torchbugs, dragonflies, and fish.
This will only apply to vanilla creatures, not those added by 83Willows 101Bugs as I do not use that mod. If there is demand I may consider making a patch.

When updating, you may need to allow your cells to reset (30 days) for the changes to take place in cells you've visited recently.
If you find any issues, or have any suggestions, please let me know.


Advanced Shrine Blessings - by jackstarr (myself!) -
This provides an in-game incentive to avoid combat with animals. The Shrine to Kynareth
is renamed as "Shrine of Kynareth, Goddess of Air and of Nature", and, when praying at a shrine, if the player has killed no animals, the player will receive a superior blessing (Kyne's Peace/Voice of the Sky - which makes all animals unaggressive so they won't attack you) for free. Similarly, avoiding combat with NPCs will gain a boon if you pray at a shrine of Mara, goddess of Love.

The following mods are not made by me, but are suggested mods to help make your world slightly less lethal.

Fight or Fly - by Kuertee -
The vanilla game has a half-hearted method of letting enemies yield to you, where they immediately attack you again as soon as they recover a little health.
This mod makes it so enemies have a chance of fleeing. Enemies that have yielded can be looted by conversing with them.

House of Horrors Alternate Ending - by sushisquid -
You get suckered into the vanilla Molag Bal quest on a mission for good, then are forced to kill a guy. There is no option to refuse - you have to kill him or leave him chained up to rot. This mod allows you to free him. As with Mercy, please read the known issues on the download page for the mod before using.

Change log:

UPDATED - 20th February 2014
Added new Hearthfire-compatible version (to allow salmon to keep their roe as added by the DLC).
Fixed vanilla bug where sabrecats never respawn.

UPDATED - 3rd February 2014
Fix - Wolves now run away when approached, rather than just stand there.

UPDATED - 9th January 2014
New feature - mammoths and giants are now less aggressive.

UPDATED - 6th January 2014
Mod updated to v1.0 and recreated from scratch, with everything combined into one esp file. No need to clutter your modlist with multiple esp files any more!

Due to glitches with AI with attack ranges at less than 110 units, I've amended the attack distance for a couple of the animals to a minimum of 110 - so they should now behave appropriately.

With this update, I've also set most normal Chaurus to be unaggressive and cautious, but they're still set to help allies, so in most cases they'll spawn alongside Falmer (who have trained them, or have evolved to coexist in symbiosis) and so they will still often attack you first.