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Added: 27/07/2012 - 02:45PM
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Last updated at 21:42, 27 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 14:45, 27 Jul 2012

This is a very early state of this mod and at the moment it only includes two new spells,

Consentrated Sunlight is a restoration school consentration (such as flames/spaks) spell shaped like a beam wich does the same amount of damage as flames,

Glowing Fire is a restoration school projectile (such as fireball/Icy spear) which also creates a sticking light (a Magelight effect.

You can acquaire these spells by typing these codes into the console.

player.addspell 02000d63
player.addspell 01000d64

Future versiones will:
Add a Paladin/Priest Faction where you can acquire new skills through questing.
Merge the alteration skill into the restoration and illusion skills to add place for a new skill.
Add a new skill/type of magic for dark and evil types of magic (deasieses, boosts for wampires and drain spells for example) at the place where the alteration tree used to be.