Ulfric Armor Whiterun Retexture by ahog
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Added: 27/07/2012 - 02:27PM
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Last updated at 14:35, 27 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 14:27, 27 Jul 2012

This is my first and probably last mod. It's just yet another Ulfric Armor mod, though with a slight and very subtle retexture to blend in with Whiterun's colors. I play a Nord 'Noble' character of Whiterun -- or that's how I view myself at any rate:p -- so I felt I needed an appropriate armor. Ulfric's clothes fits perfectly for this purpose.

It's craftable and upgradable (with a corundum ingot). Requires the 'advanced smithing' perk, and is in that regard roughly similar to the scaled armor.

This is not a standalone armor piece, but Ulfric's clothes as armor, because I was lazy I guess. So he will also be wearing this.

I didn't make Ulfric's boots and gauntlets craftable as I don't like the looks of them. Instead I recommend using scaled boots and gauntlets, as well as a Whiterun Guard's Helmet.