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Requires hothtrooper44\'s Immersive Armors V4 or later. This mod is an Immersive Armors add-on that changes some of the games main character\'s default armors so that they are wearing these awesome armors too!

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This mod requires that you first download and install Immersive Armors V4 or later.

This is a simple mod that takes some of the armor found in hothtrooper44's Immersive Armors mod and adds it to some of the main NPCs of Skyrim. The armors from his mod are already included in outfits, leveled lists, chests, quest rewards, and locations, but I felt that some of the major characters of the game would benefit from wearing them as well. I decided to expound upon the outfit changes this mod presented by adding the armors to tons more NPCs around the world.

I tried to stay as lore-friendly as I could. By doing so I decided not to use every armor included in the original mod. Some didn't fit well and others I had a hard time finding the right NPC to use it on. I am very open to suggestion as to what NPC should be wearing what armor so please let me know if you think that something should be changed and I will be happy to do so.

I intend on expanding on this idea and including some of the other popular armor mods on the site and scattering them throughout Skyrim on other NPCs as well. Let me know what you guys think!

[size=18]NPCs Altered[/size]

Amren, Sinmir, Hrongar, Eorlund Gray-Mane, Idolaf Battle-Born, Jon Battle-Born, Torvar, and Avulstein Grey-Mane

Captain Wayfinder, Irlof, Alding, Gjuk, and Guthrum

Helvard, Valdr, and Thadgeir

Vorstag, Ondolemar, Thongvor, Yngvar, Argis, Dryston, and Cosnach


Maul, Harrald, and Dirge

Dorian, Safia, Bolgeir Bearclaw, Irnskar Ironhand, Legate Rikke, Ahtar, Tullius, and Jaree-Ra

Galmar Stone-Fist

Kai, Wet-Pommel, and Golldir

Hadvar, Ralof, Torolf, and Vilod



Download using NMM and make sure you load after hothtrooper44 ArmorCompilation.esp


This mod will most likely conflict with other mods that change the default outfits of the specific NPCs that I changed. Most armor mods replace the vanilla ones so there should be a very low chance of any type of conflict. I would just load ImmersiveArmorsforNPCs.esp last in order to avoid this. I am working on a version that will work with the Skyre patch for Immersive Armors.

[size=18]Known Bugs[/size]

The armors added to the NPCs were done so by using duplicates of the originals. So if you were to loot one of these NPCs and you also had the same armor in your inventory they would not stack. You would just have 2 of them. Not that big of a deal. Please let me know if any of the armors don't turn out right or if I messed any of them up and I will try to fix it. Thanks!

[size=18]Change Log[/size]

V 2
Huge update! Made some changes for better immersion. I removed Amren's Redguard coif but kept the the outfit. I don't think it makes him look like an outsider. What's wrong with the guy just liking Redguard clothing? I also removed Imperial hero armor from Commander Caius and used it for Idolaf Battle Born instead. The Gray Manes should be wearing Viking Armor. Various changes to a few others in Whiterun. Changed some of the pirate outfits. Falkreath housecarl now wears the Falkreath armor. Added armor to about 10 more NPCs in Dawnstar, Markarth, Solitude, Windhelm, and Winterhold. Fixed Galmar's armor. More updates to come!

V 1.2
A couple small updates to include optional no helmets versions by request. One version removes all helmets while the main file only removes Hadvars. If you want to continue using all helmets download the earlier version. I also changed Amren's outfit to Redguard clothes instead of heavy armor.

V 1.1
Fixed an error that caused Ralof to change armors during intro sequence. Edited Kematu with some Redguard Knight armor.

My credits are similar to the original mod obviously with an extra emphasis on the creator of Immersive Armors hothtrooper44. Thank you for all the amazing armors you have added to this game. I couldn't play without them. Other credits include:

Rahman530 - the armors that came from the “Lore Friendly Armor Pack”
Omesean - Einherjar Armor
Northborn - Fur Hoods HD
GuitunScarfin - Apotheus Light Armor
frankdema - Nordic Hunter Light Armor
lumps - Heroic Stormcloak Armor
exeter - mesh alterations to support the UNP body mesh
Oddball_E8 - for his critique and suggestions on how to make the mod better
Bethesda - for making yet another incredible Elder Scrolls game

ENB used in screenshots PINEAPPLEVISION Synergy.
ACE - Combat Skills
Duel - Combat Realism
Deadly Dragons
Skyrim Monster Mod
UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul