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Title: Cathedral
Update Skyrim: 1.5 or better.
Author: SagonTHX
Main style of player: Arch-Mages, mages, wizards ...
Location: is indicated on the map, right Whiterun
Note: Lydia does not like to attend this mansion: send her home and enjoy! :)
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Cathedral was excavated in the mountain, and its appearance is monumental. It has a mystical atmosphere and an ambiance equally mythical. Every detail was thought out very carefully so that you have on hand everything you need to be a great warrior in Skyrim.

Cathedral has a library with an office in the temple ancerstral, a laboratory of alchemy and enchantment complete with boiler and distillery, with a herbarium (greenhouse plants) added; large suite with heated pool, room of rest and intimate dinner and fourth with baldachin, many chests and urns to hold their conquests, plaques for guns, mannequins, and the main: the throne room worthy of a myth.

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Final note:
This modifier does not present any conflict in tests done by me. I have over 200 modifiers currently installed. However, I can not guarantee that is compatible with all modifiers currently available on Nexus. Not tested with modifiers like EBN and followers.

Please report any bug or crash, for corrections.