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Sword from Gundam 00

Permissions and credits
Gundam 00 GN Raiser Sword from Gundam 00
My first model and texture (the textures are pretty horrible and flat)

craftable at any forge requires steel and elven smithing perks. requires:
> 2 Iron Ingot
> 4 Steel Ingot
> 1 Refined Moonstone

Can be improved also.

Also available on the Steam Workshop

Change Log:
v1.0: Initial Release

v1.1: Added blood effects

Plans for future:
I plan on making the GN sword III next and probably the GN sheild depending on how many similarities there are betweent he GN sword and GN sword III I may add the GN sword aswell.

Note: a beam saber is unforseeable for the near future as i'm not entirely sure how I could go about make the beam since it is partyl transparent and it's an ever changing beam so i'd need to animate it somehow. and I'm not too good with textures as it is, so a beam saber is. less than likely anytime soon, apologies.

For anyone interested in keeping up to date with where I am they can follow me on tumblr: