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Adds seven new general merchants in the towns that do not have them.

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CM Merchants

CM Merchants mod adds seven new general merchants in the towns that do not have them. The merchants can be found at merchant stands near the local inns in each town. So now, instead of lugging a full inventory all over Skyrim to find a merchant, you can visit any town nearby and find a ready market for your goods and be able to resupply for your next adventure.

Merchants and locations:

Bodi in Dragonbridge
Colin in Ivarstead
Helga in Kynesgrove
Orle in Morthal
Rothgar in Karthwasten
Sassi in Rorikstead
Timara in Dawnstar

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Installation Requirements:

Official Skyrim patch 1.6 or greater required.
Download and install by one of the following methods.

Installation - Nexus Mod Manager

Use the "Download with Manager" button on the CM Merchants Mod page at Skyrim
Nexus and activate after download.

Installation - Wrye Bash BAIN

Drop the CM Merchants.esp into your Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers folder,
and then activate.

Installation - Manual

Drop the CM Merchants.esp and graphics folders into your Data folder.
Activate the mod using a mod manager prior to playing Skyrim.


If you used a mod management program, use it to uninstall. Otherwise delete CMBeautifulCompanions.esp and graphics facegendata files from the Data folder.

Load Order

Load order will not make any difference.

Incompatible Mods

Should not conflict with any mod except those that specifically place objects where the merchant stands are located.

Known Issues



The Creation Kit Wiki Tutorials -

The Creation Kit - Steam download listed under Tools.

Licensing and Legal

The CM Merchants Mod was created by Cutthroat Mods and is furnished as is without promises or guarantees to be bug free or conflict free. The mod uses the default companion system and any bugs inherent to the game or caused by other mods that alter the default companion system are not the responsibility of Cutthroat Mods.

Do not upload this mod to any website without permission from Cutthroat Mods. Translations into other languages are permitted provided this Readme is included as is in English along with any translated versions. Translated files can be uploaded to any website except Steam Workshop. Permissions to do translations are not required. If you have any questions or concerns please send email to [email protected]

Revision History

Version 1.1 - Reworked markers and AI packages to restrict merchant business hours to 8 AM to 8 PM so that merchants can retire to the inns at night, all except Rothgar in Karthwasten who's open 24 hours a day since there is no inn in that village.

Version 1.0 - Initial release.