Wood Chopping To Max Carry Weight by IsharaMeradin
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Added: 26/07/2012 - 05:46PM
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Wood Chopping to Max Carry Weight

To increase the quantity of firewood received during the wood chopping event. Allow followers to partake in the modifications.

Max Carry Weight
-- Calculations allow player to keep chopping wood till just before their max carry weight would be surpassed

Random Six To Max
-- Each chopping event picks a new stopping point. Anywhere between the default 6 received wood or the calculated amount not exceeding current max carry weight.

Stamina Driven
-- At a stamina cost of 70 per swing, you'll either stop when you don't have enough stamina or when the calculated amount to not exceed max carry weight has been reached.

On Screen Feedback:
For all flavors
-- Instead of the default "Firewood (2) Added" you will see "Firewood status: X of Y" which is a running tally of how many you have gained out of the calculated possible total.
For the stamina Driven
-- Because the animation sequence could not be stopped, the swing takes place, the stamina is drained and you are informed that you did not have enough stamina and the swing was imperfect resulting in unusable firewood.
-- The calculated possible total when failure happens is converted into the current count so that your last display of "Firewood Status: X of Y" equals in value.

SKSE Friendly:
If SKSE is installed, the actual weight of the firewood is used rather than a defined value equivalent to the stock value of 5.

-- The follower command interface (press and hold the activate button - E by default) can be a little tricky. I found it best to tell them to chop wood then wait for them to start before tabbing out of follower command mode. Otherwise they tended not to chop anything.

Upgrading or Switching Flavors:
-- Uninstall previous version
-- Install new version

Nexus Mod Manager where applicable
For Manual installation
1. Check for and backup any existing versions of ResourceFurnitureScript.pex found in Skyrim > Data > Scripts
2. Extract the contents of the 7z file directly to the Skyrim main directory

Nexus Mod Manager where applicable
For Manual uninstallation
Delete and restore the files

Files & Folders:
Data > Scripts

Data > Scripts > Source > Isharas_WCMCW

Data > Docs

-- Backwards compatible with stock script and other flavors of this mod. There are no stored values outside of the wood chopping event. There are no property changes made.
-- Not compatible with any mod that modifies the same script file(s)

-- A fairly recent thing, I place my source files in a sub-folder much like the DLCs. The source file(s) for this mod are located in: Skyrim > Data > Scripts > Source > Isharas_WCMCW
-- In the original stock script, if you kicked a follower out of the wood chopping sequence their count of firewood would not always reset. This was corrected.
-- If you or a follower exit early for anything other than stamina failure, the final display of "Firewood status: X of Y" will not update to have equal value.
-- If you have a follower mod or mod that allows multiple followers and the follower was not placed into the stock follower faction for current follower, then those followers will not return valid and will not receive wood.

Video Reviews:

Highlights version 1.0

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