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Face Warpaint Replacer (Inspired by Centurion, Dot Hack, Pirates and Animals) (Maybe more to come)

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The warpaints are getting old for me and so i searched for warpaints that suit my taste but found only few so i decided to make some myself and share it for others who might like to use it.

This is a face warpaint replacer only and no ESP file so you may only pick few that you like and leave the rest.

1. Choose Warpaint you want to use
2. Replace the name after the underscore (_) with number you want to replace (1-10)
3. Paste the Renamed Warpaint in the Tintmasks folder (Data/texure/actors/characters/character assets/tintmasks)

1. Just delete the file you copied to the tintmasks folder

- This is only a replacer so it might conflict with other warpaints replacers
- For the problems not showing on NPC, please try to change it using NPC Editor/CK (pref. NPC Editor, as CK sometimes mess with textures), you would know if the warpaint is working or not as it shows the warpaint itself :)

- As for Player Character, please use "showracemenu" on console.

V1.2 (8-9-2012) add 10 warpaint for males and 1 warpaint for female (cent3)
V1.1 (7-26-2012) removed the edges, removed the firefox warpaint as i see no-one want it. :)
V1 (7-26-2012) uploaded the mod

- Make more warpaint in the future
(animal, movies and other genres and will try to be lore-friendly as possible)

This updates is made for you guys who liked the mod.. and i thank you for the kind comments.
This is my first mod, and i'm fairly new at modding so comments, suggestions and ideas are accepted.. but be patient and don't be too hard on me.
don't forget to endorse if you like it. XD

Feel free to use this in any way you want, i would be happy cause i know someone even one would like my work.. just don't forget to give credit to me :)