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My mod enables you to melt down weapons and armor to ingots.

I don't have an English version of Skyrim, so my Screenshots are German, but if you play with the English version everything will be English.

Iron ingots can be obtained from iron weapons, iron armor, imperial armor, storm cloak armor, and custom guard armor

Steel ingots: steel armor, steel plate, Skyforge weapons

Silver ingots: silver swords and silver two-handed swords

Oricalcium ingots: Orcish weapons and armor

Dwarven ingots: Dwarvish weapons and armor

Moonstone ingots: Elvish weapons and armor

Ebony ingots: Ebony weapons and armor, Daedra Weapons and armor

Malachite ingots: Glass armor and weapons

You get two ingots from Bidenhanders, axes, bows, maces, boots daggers and gloves. Helmets and shields will yield three ingots, and armor allows you to get four ingots, particularly strong resp. poor items will result in more resp. less ingots.

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