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Cross the waterfalls hiding the cave entrance and enter a cavern full of Dwarven architecture and machinery. Look up through the hole in the cavern roof to pure sunlight and watch as a ruptured pipe pours water down from the sky.

Many months later, you have managed to clean up and salvage much of the ancient Dwemer ruins beneath you and restore them to their former glory. You are a budding alchemist, and took advantage of the knowledge of the Dwarves to enhance your equipment. You've constructed a forge that contests the very likes of the famed Skyforge in Whiterun. You've collected samples of trees from all over Tamriel and sprouted them in planters, allowing you to grow trees where they normally won't survive. This is your new home.


Dwarven Falls is my second mod, so I am still learning as I go with the Creation Kit. I poured a good many hours into designing this home so please, please give me feedback with any problems or suggestions.

This unique home features:
-NO load doors
-Semi-rebuilt equipment for crafting and alchemy
-Very unique Alchemy workstation with floating miniature mushroom garden
-Large open room with unique waterfall
-Watering system for tree saplings
-Containers for all crafting needs
-Very close to Markarth and the Horse and buggy. (I put it here because I don't fast travel on my character and wanted to be close to a travel point.)
-Hidden from view on the outside by waterfall.
-Bathing pool



Drop the .esp into your main data folder (where your launcher is located.)
Use the download with manager button and activate it in NMM

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT! - Last time I posted a mod someone had some texture issues that broke their save. DO NOT SAVE OVER YOUR GAME AFTER INSTALLING> Use a new save. Always do this with new mods, because though it looks and works fine for me, that might not be the case for you.

Above all, I hope you enjoy the house!