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This mod add a new companion. Shelyn.

Shelyn is a healer. spellsword.

She will follow you and fight for you.

If your Health is under 80%, she will use healing spell. She will check your health.

If you want get healing, you have to be infront of her when she use spell.

All spells she use are custum spell. (followermagic.esm)

Grandhealing - Heal nearby plyer and other companion. no effect on enemy.

Ironflesh - Add armor ratting nearby plyer and other companion, no effect on enemy.

Mass Paralysis - Paralyze nearby enemy, no effect on player and companion

Destruction spells - No damage on player and companion. Only enemy get damage.

@ This mod no need another face mod. It contains most of face and body file.
Nevertheless, you use any kinds of face mod, You will see same face like that screenshot.
She use her own body meshes and textures. and use her own face meshes and textures.
Another body mod and face mod(aleady you've installed) have no influence on shelyn.

@ She likes light armor.

Thanks for downloading! Please leave a comment and don't forget to endorse!
I really appreciate your feedback and support! :)


Choose one of cbbe ver. or unp ver. and download.

Unpack file to skyrim data folder by 7zip .

and check 'followermagic.esm' and ' AoD - Shelyn.esp' in launcher

play game

How to Use

As soon as you start game, she will run to you. and follow you.

Don't make her companion. If you make her companion, her healing script doesn't work.

Only for using companion command(often your inventory, stay here, etc...) make her companion.

After Using command, Leave her. But She will not leave you.

Trouble shooting and solution

- Her Face is black.
>>> Update your skyrim to latest ver.

- Her skin color is changed, or blocked.
>>> Your computer need more memory. Reduce oher graphic resouce. like HD retexture.

- She doesn't heal me !
>>> sometimes skyrim script processing go slow. It needs your patience.

- How can i change her cloth?
>>> Use Ufo mod (amazig follower mod). You can take her cloth. read ufo mod description.
Or, give her a higher armor ratting armor than Savior hide.


Windsong wsbp

seongukh High end oriental composition skin ver 1.0

CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible by navetsea

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii

Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- by Caliente

Natural Eyes by nevenbridge

DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99

Special Thanks to All elder7 cafe members. Elder7 cafe is a great moder training center.


Followermagic.esm contain many usefull custum spell. You can use this esm file for your new companion. Just credit me. Don't need permission.
another mesh and texture files are not mine. Moders of credit list have all credit.


For the Armor of screenshot check "Ancient Nord Armor and Saviors Hide CBBEv3 Echo by echo 1162"

here is link

[update 4.1]

@ removed atronach perk. strange illusion effect was removed.