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Added: 26/07/2012 - 06:57AM
Updated: 21/01/2013 - 05:39AM

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Last updated at 5:39, 21 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 6:57, 26 Jul 2012

Im done working on this, i gave up on it a long time ago when skyrim became boring for me, mabye ill work on it some time, but probably not.
Its been more then a week but i will resume work on this very soon, im going to navmesh the boat first as ive been putting off for awhile as i hate doing it...but im going to do it.
Version 2.5 is now finished, it adds a boat fast travel system for people who are never fast traveling, or if you haven't discovered a city yet. You can only go to cities with docks (and near winterhold) Next update will navmesh the boats.

Version 2 is now available! I pretty much re-made the entire boat its now larger, has a smelter, and an interior. The interior is mostly empty as i really don't know what to include in it. If anyone has any suggestions for the interior I will probably use them. (Unless its just stupid)

(the followers in the picture aren't from the mod)

A new boat player home located in the solitude docks. It includes most basic player home features.
Crafting, Improving, storage, bed, ETC.

NOTICE:First of all this isn't nav meshed yet! (I know how to...) and second this is my first mod so its not the best thing ever made.

Functional Catapults (for a more warlike look, But no real use)

DONE Fast travel boats (small boats for traveling around skyrim without using the map fast travel for those who want the most realism)
Personal Vendor
Quest? (probably not)

In fact alot of things i want to do will be completed very soon.