Ryudo - Male Khajiit by skywarder
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Added: 30/11/2011 - 11:16AM
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Last updated at 11:40, 30 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 11:16, 30 Nov 2011

I finally decided to upload my "main" character. He's a male level 29 Kahjiit, named Ryudo.
I tried to go for a snow-like look like a white tiger or snow leopard when creating him since this is well, Skyrim, and it's snowy.
As stated in the first screenshot, he is a Vampire and is mainly a stealth character.
He has finished the Empire, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild and Companions questlines, as well as the main quest. He is also married to the Dark Elf mercenary Janessa in Whiterun, and they're living in a fully decorated Breezehome.

Probably best as an Assassin since he's got high points in Sneak (100), One Handed (81) and Light Armor (63). He is also part thief, even thought both his Lockpicking (56) and Pickpocketing (26!) skills are kinda low.
Currently equipped with an Amulet of Articulation, Thieves Guild Master Boots, Leather Bracers of Minor Daft hands, Ring of Namira (Yes, he is a cannibal too) and a Scaled Horn Armor of Minor Health. He is also armed with the Blade of Woe (right hand, uncharged at the moment) and a Daedric Dagger (left hand).

No mods needed at all to achieve the same look or such.