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NOTE: PLEASE look at the mods used list to see what I use!
  1. Open the console command in-game by pressing the tilde key and then click on Belrand. A set of numbers and letters should appear on top. That's his ID.
  2. Type into the console 'setnpcweight 30' without quotes and hit enter.
  3. Belrand's warpaint will disappear. To make everything reappear again, exit the console, save your game, and restart Skyrim to get his warpaint back! Belrand will be normal for the rest of your PLAYTHROUGH.

Use NMM or extract the files into the skyrim root folder manually. Make sure that the .esp is below mods that affect followers such as UFO.

Use NMM or delete all of the files manually. If you are doing it manually makes sure to take out the .TARGA, .dds, and the .NIF files with the number 000B9981 located at
skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/Skyrim.esm and

Mods Used (none of them required)

The ENB used is Synergy ENB . It goes real well with Realistic Lighting--though it is really dark at night!

Want to customize Belrand further to get rid of her warpaint and dirt? Scar? Add new hair?
  1. You’ll need to open then Creation Kit. If you haven’t gotten it already download it in the steam library in the tools section.
  2. Open my mod, by clicking on the folder icon around the top-left corner and checking my .esp from the list. Click ok to whatever comes up.
  3. In the actors tab at the object window, search Be;ramd and then click on that name.
  4. A window should pop up. Check the box below beside the word head to see his face (some ENBs don’t make objects in the CK show. TEMPORARILY REMOVE THE d3d9.dll TO SOLVE THIS) Move through the tabs until you reach Character Gen Parts.
  5. Char Gen Parts is where you can edit the skin, hair, eye color, tattoo visibility, etc for your character. If you want to remove dirt or warpaint or anything else there is a long list of them on the left-hand side. To get rid of them, just set the tone to color average. NOTE THAT YOU CAN’T GIVE NPCS CUSTOM WARPAINT HERE. You’d get weird freckles instead. (The warpaint used for Belrand is NordWarpaint_03 and Dirt_01)
  6. Scars are located at the bottom right box where it says Additional Head Parts. Click on the scars and press delete to remove them.
  7. If you want to put custom hair, Apachii posted a quick tutorial in her mod description.
  8. Once you are satisfied, hit OK. Then click the NPC’s name again at the object window and hit ctrl+f4 to export the face textures (otherwise you’d get the grey face).
  9. Save your new .esp under a new name because CK is weird like that.
  10. In the load order, uncheck or delete my esp to make your customized one work.

Posting alternates of my facemorphs as MODS will not be allowed Images however are coolbeans. B)

Known Issues: There is a neck gap issue! Solution already posted above to make it more clear. =)

Iona and Adelasia are near done. Uthgerd is half done--but I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. =) Compilation WILL come soon (I have only Annekke to make!)
As for males though, I won’t make all of them, but I’ll make some slowly.