Skyrim Creation Kit Static Object Mesh Import-Export with Collisions Tutorial by Foxtails32
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Added: 25/07/2012 - 05:04AM
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Skyrim Creation Kit Static Object Mesh Import/Export with Collisions Tutorial is for the modder who works with meshes that require collision meshes with something more than primitive models.

The Tutorial takes you through the process from importing a Nif into 3DS Max, exporting the edited meshes to a Nif file, using NifUtils to convert the file and easily add the collision meshes, setting up the file in NifScope and importing the Nif into the Creation Kit.

This tutorial does not teach you how to use 3DS Max to edit your mesh or how to use the Creation Kit to build mods. It is for modders who want to alter Skyrim Static Meshes or Create their own to include Collision geometry in their work.