About this mod

Custom Sigils is a quick and easy way for you to make your own heraldry and use it in Skyrim on a house/faction shield. - Basically it's a simple modding toolkit.

Permissions and credits
While I wholeheartedly endorse valve I do not endorse the upload of my mods to SteamWorkshop, please respect this decision.
Special thanks to these mod authors for their permission to use their work:
- Backsteppo - Dragon Quest 3 Sage Outfit (Linen Cloak Model)
- Zenl - Berserk Black Swordsman Armor (Hide Cloak Model)
- Nikinoodles - Cloaks of Skyrim (foundation concept and legwork)

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Custom Sigils is a DIY (Do it yourself) mod and a quick and easy way for you to make your own heraldry and use it in Skyrim on house/faction shields and cloaks.
Basically it's a simple modding toolkit consisting of: pre-made craftable items and tempering recipe, photoshop templates, tutorials, and examples.
Completely compatible with Cloaks of Skyrim & Winter is Coming (+cloak patch)

Note: to ensure followers will carry the item you give them, install Ultimate Follower Overhaul, and use the 'you could dress better' command.
Note: colours in game appear brighter and more vibrant than the photoshop/texture artwork. (Use the "skyrim swatches" layer as a colour guide)

===== To make your own logo you will need:
- Photoshop free trial here
- photoshop DDS plugin
- GIMP (Free and opens PSD files, but i've never used it so can't offer help)
- GIMP DDS plugin

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Basic texture overview

PhotoShop Tutorial  [Sorry for the terrible audio on this one :'(

Paint.Net Tutorial by Toggle AI

===== News & updates
- Now opensource ON ONE CONDITION; that you pay it forward by answering a few questions in my comments
- Cloaks are ready! Download the extra core files needed and start getting creative.
- Currently there are no pre-made/optional sigils for cloaks, i might work on it if people show interest (people seem happy with their own at the mo.
- I expect whinging about the multiple eps files but I am already considering just combining it all into one.

===== Future updates:
- I WONT be doing shields for Glass, Ebony, Iron, etc. Because I don't imagine it'll look that good and it's a lot of effort.

===== Crafting:
- Cloaks are found at the tanning rack under "leather"
- Linen cloak needs 1x Linen wrap. Hide cloak needs 1x leather.
- The House Shield only needs 1 leather strip, 1 iron ingot, 2 firewood
- The base armor rating is 22 (same as banded shield) BUT it has the same value (40) and weighs as much as the guard shield (3).
- It is a 'light' class shield (as per a requests) this does not match the vanilla guard shields but makes more sense. [Try: Guard Shields Light]

===== Optional downloads (Shields only at this stage):
65 pre-made HD sigils, and accompanying photoshop templates so they can be edited as you see fit.
- 6 faction sigils from Skyrim
- 9 "Game of Thrones" house sigils (accurate to the TV series)
- 50 lore-friendly Skyrim achivement sigils.
- Clan Stiv pack: "Long Live Stiv!"

===== Installation:
- Start by downloading the main "Custom Sigils - Core" file for shields and/or cloaks.
- Install the core components (copy the files to your skyrim/data folder)
- This alone will give you the ability to craft the items which will have a default painted sigil of a black band right-to-left on white.

===== Customization:
- Replace the default texture with one of your choosing, either from the optional downloads or a personally created one using the templates
- shield found in:
- cloak found in: AND

===== Useful links and inspiration: free vector icons
Note: Vector files can be saved from wiki as .svg files and opened in illustrator