Intro music replacement by Malukah by Malukah for the song and Nodus Cursorius for everything else
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Added: 30/11/2011 - 09:08AM
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This song was performed by Malukah and not by myself. See the link below for the original video. She has granted permission for the use of her song, in this mod. (citation: twitter post)

Malukah recently caused a stir on with her heart-melting smile and angelic voice. This particular version combines two songs back to back, The Dragonborn Comes followed by the original Skyrim theme.

The process to include this masterpiece was simple, in that I downloaded her freely provided MP3 of the song and converted it into WAV, and finally into XWM.

You can use either the Nexus Mod Manager (give it time), or manually download the file and extract the contents to your Data\ folder.

Update 1.1 - I've increased the volume by 0.5 db and passed it through a compressor to increase 'loudness' without clipping. I hate radiofying her song, but Skyrim plays music at a softer volume than the original file is recorded at.

As per requested, I've replaced the female bard's "The Dragonborn Comes" song with Malukah's. You can find it at

Her video, showcasing the song