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Dark Illusion for ADEC

After alot of research I was finally able to figure out how to port over an oblivion armor mesh into skyrim. What really helped out alot was this file here:

oblivion skeleton pose

In case anyone was interested.

Well for those of you who have played Oblivion, you will have probably have recognized this armor. I still plan to add all the variation of textures, but this is the alpha release.

First off I wanted to thank Oxtyt for inspiring me to finish this, and finally uploading this. He also helped test it.

Heh, I guess I should explain the armor. So this is a heavy armor that's craftable only if you have the ebony smithing perk. Its broken down into four pieces: cuirass, boots, gauntlets, and a circlet.

This armor has a working weight slider, and it does have BBP. Again in the future I plan to add all the texture variations, I just have to get around to it ;p

Feel free to upload some pictures, because mine aren't so great. Apparently I'm far from pro when it comes to taking good screen shots lol.


I just added a video that shows everything you basically want to know ;p

07/24/12 - Uploaded some pics of the alternate dark texture.

07/25/12 - Uploaded a shot of the lighter alternate variation. Mask and cloaks may follow :0

07/26/12 - Alright currently I uploaded two heavy armor sets, with one light cuirass. The light cuirass had some issues, so currently its only set to max weight. I decided I didn't like having the ebony perk requirement, because its hard enough to find that much ebony ore early on anyways. So that requirement was removed ;p

07/27/12 - The Dark Illusion Light Mage variant now has a working weight slider! I also just uploaded working cloaks with shoulder plates silver and obsidian. Both are crafted, and upgradeable!

07/28/12 - Currently Uploading the mage gloves, boots, cloak, and mask. Under the advisement I made it have no armor. Well it looks like I have to redo the gloves, because I have some massive clipping on them. So they are on hold until I can fix em.

07/29/12 - Uploaded under optional downloads, a no defense rating version of all armors.

07/30/12 - Uploaded a fix for the missing items. Now you should be able to craft everything.

07/31/12 - With the help of Acdale was able to fix the gloves clipping. So I updated the download to include the gloves for the dark illusion mage.

I also updated the optional downloads to include all versions of the armors: Heavy, Light, and no armor. The main one is a mixup of two heavy and one light.

08/28/12 - Fixed the leotard version, so the textures show up properly (issue mainly caused by the ck). I also upload a no hip armor variation for those that requested it. Both can be found under the optional downloads.

To add via console:
XX02B164 - Boots
XX02B165 - Cuirass
XX02B166 - Gauntlets
XX02B167 - Headgear

For anyone using the optional downloads, make sure to install the original first. Then install over the original with the option you wish to use.

This mod is able to be installed either manually or with NMM:

To uninstall remove all the files from:

data/meshes/dark illusion/1stdarkillusion_0.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/1stdarkillusion_1.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion boot_0.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion boot_1.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion boot_gnd.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion armor_0.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion armor_1.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion armor_gnd.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion gauntlets_0.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion gauntlets_1.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion headgear_0.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion headgear_1.nif
data/meshes/dark illusion/dark illusion headgear_gnd.nif
and all textures from data/textures/DarkIllusion/

Thanks and Credits to:

Acdale - Thanks to this guy, because I wouldn't be able to mod without his help. And of course thanks to him for making the awesome ADEC ;D

Slash197- Thanks to him for making the Light Guts version of this, making my job converting it to ADEC alot easier. The mesh in this work is from his mod and adjusted/skinned to ADEC.

Endiness - Was the first person I knew who converted dark illusion to skyrim. So without his head/boots/gaunts as a base this would have not been possible.

SkeletonK- I have to credit this guy not only because he was the original author of dark illusion, but because I was always a huge fan of his work. Without him this would have not been possible.

Oxtyt - Sending out a thanks to him for testing, and urging me to release this armor.

Bethesda - for creating an awesome edition to the elder scrolls series!


All files used in this mod are from myself, Slash197, Endiness, and SkeletonK. As long as you credit the original authors, I see no problem with permission.