Infinte Shouts by Lord Darkga
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Added: 23/07/2012 - 09:22PM
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Last updated at 21:29, 23 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 21:22, 23 Jul 2012

Love Shouting but hate waiting? Then Infinite Shouts is the mod for you. Infinite Shouts is an older mod I made, back when all I did was make cheats and god-items. My friend was complaining how there were no good shout cooldown reduction mods recently, so I figured I'd upload this. The basic feature that this mod adds is a 0 second cooldown for shouts. There was a precursor to this that I made that just reduced the cooldowns of the shouts themselves, but there were some major flaws with that one. Thankfully this mod is so simple that it's completely bug free!

This mod is just for fun. So don't complain about it being overpowered, because I know it's overpowered.

Adds a small dungeon near Falkreath
Adds an Amulet that reduces the cooldown of Shouts by 100% (Take that Amulet of Talos!)

Upcoming Features:
Most likely not going to be any, it's just for the amulet, and I need to focus on Armor Disguises.



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