Akiviri Weapons by Zuneku Daitou
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Added: 23/07/2012 - 06:32PM
Updated: 17/05/2016 - 12:27PM

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Last updated at 12:27, 17 May 2016 Uploaded at 18:32, 23 Jul 2012

Before I get started here again, I would just like to thank everyone that downloaded this mod. It has been quite a while since the last time I touched on this, but I hope to be getting back to making some more weapons for everyone soon

This mod is still a work in progress, but it adds 6 Asian weapons to the world of Skyrim. These are Kunai, Kanabo, Bo, Jo, Yari and Naginata, fully modeled and textured by me.

As an addition, these weapons are used by NPC's and can be bought in almost any hold or crafted.

I still have a lot to do, but I do want to eventually be adding more weapons like the bokken, Kama, Tonfa, Sai, Tessen, Gunbei, Uchiwa Jutei, Shirasaya, Nodachi, Kodachi, Wakizashi, Kusanagi, Kubotans, The Yumi, Eku or Eiku, Zanbato, Bisen-to and Hoko,

I might not get to all of them, but I will indeed try.

NOTE: Because the update is so big, I did not create a separate update file. The current Main File contains an update to the Kunai as well, so it would be pointless to add an update when the file size would almost be the same.

I will attempt to create better textures for the mod to take away a majority of the sheen and "new-ness" off the blades and having it more closely resemble weapons of steel.

Although my time is limited I do want to create proper animations for the seperate weapons, which follow animations along the lines of anime (Naruto) and other sources for swords and polearms