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A weapon inspired by the Arakh blade, from the Game Of Thrones TV Series.

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04/8/2012: Version 2 added. Remade the weapon, with some tweaks in the mesh, and higher quality textures, which look more like the Arakh blade.
Also removed the two handed version, because i think the one-handed version fits the weapon much better.

29/7/2012: Updated the hilt, it is now shorter for the One-Handed version.

This mod will add the Arakh weapon into your game, a blade inspired by the weapon used by the Dothraki in the TV Series Game of Thrones. Everything was made by me,
and it was my first model, so it's not really high quality, but i thought i should upload it for those who want it.

The weapon can be crafted in any forge, under the Daedric section (No perks required). There are 2 versions. One-handed and Two-handed. They are considered as axes,
because the sword kill cams looked weird due to the blade's shape.

Place the Data folder from inside the file you just downloaded, into your skyrim directory and replace when asked.

-=-=Known Issues=-=-
Some kill cams look weird, due to the blade's shape.
Also, I recommend using a mod that places one handed weapons in the player's back, or the weapon will look upside down when sheathed.

Thanks to: Bethesda Softworks for Skyrim
Nightasy for his awesome tutorials on modelling, without him i would still know nothing about creating new models.
And LeckerHamster for his tutorials, on adding a new weapon into Skyrim.