Arian - Romantic Ranger Companion by Erebus Red
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'Wind be my bow..'

Arian is a Ranger follower. He responds to personal or romantic questions with text subtitles.

Arian has a letter in his inventory, leading to treasure or perhaps death.

Essential, marriageable and levels with the player.

Arian is found in the 'Hall of the Dead' in Whiterun.

Updated 23/7/12 version 1.2 more dialogue.


This mod does not require any other mods. However I recommend 'Final Younger Characters' to make Arian look as in the pictures (but it is not essential for this mod). Link follows:

If you like the style of Arian, check out my workshop for other characters.

Personal notes:
I am creating the NPC's I would like to meet in Skyrim. It's a matter of personal taste but if you like them too then thanks. Kudos and recognition to Emma and CDCooley, whose Oblivion companion 'Vilja' set the gold standard for immersive NPC's and thinking beyond a pretty picture. As for me, I have many ideas and I'm learning a little more each time. I'm currently developing my most complex and ambitious character to follow soon. I also slowly update each of my NPC's files, showing them some love as I use thefrequently myself. If you don't like what you see here I encourage you to watch some creation kit tutorials and bring your own ideas to life. If I can figure out how to use it then anyone can!

Note for friends: Winter and Red Jack were updated this week (23/7/12)