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Various rextured outfits for the vanilla body. All items have a male and a female equivalent.

A good variety of clothes here, from simple to fancy with some wild cards in there too - perhaps for the aspiring Sheogorath worshipper?

The camp can be found just across the river from Riverwood, viewable from the saw mill. It has a safe storage chest and a few little extras so you can use it as a good starting base if you wish.

Welcome to Ambrosia Fashions!
In the main file you will find a small camp with safe storage as described as above and of course - the clothes. They are free to take in the main version.


New from Allison W, a modified .esp to reverse the fatal bee keeping accident so the Clothier is alive and kicking and ready to sell you her clothes!

****If you already have stored items in the safe storage chest please REMOVE your items from the safe chest BEFORE loading this mod!****
(I also suggest making a clean save with Ambrosia Fashions unloaded before loading this version, but that's up to you!)

Changes in Merchant Edition: (for full changes, please see the ReadMe section.)
- The Clothier is now alive and has typical merchant gold etc
- She sells from 8am to 8pm
- Apiary (Bee Keeping) area clutter removed (since she's now alive)
- Enchanting table and equipment removed
- Potion chest removed
- SAFE CHEST FUNCTIONALITY REMOVED (this chest is now the Clothiers personal storage chest - she now has some possessions stored in here.)
- Clothes values adjusted to more fitting values

What This Mod Doesn't Do:
- The Clothier does not sell bee keeping items due to her vendor type. Bee keeping is more her hobby anyway...

***This is an .esp ONLY. You will ALSO need the original file for the textures etc***
- To use the Merchant Edition, uncheck the original AmbrosiaFashions.esp and tick AmbrosiaFashionsMerchantEdition.esp (use only one .esp!)
- Full credit for the Merchant Edition goes to Allison W - who made all of the adjustments.

There is a non-merchant version especially for SE here: