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NOTE: I did not make these dungeons. My stream followers did.

Lavanka SnoopieTheDog
"Necromancers have invaded the eternal slumber of the undead in lavanka."

Crendor's Tomb by Agamashi
"Crendor's tomb was found by some bandits, a hill came down and revealed a small entrance to a cave which leads to the tomb. The bandit leader sent 4 scouts to conquer the area, 2 guarding the cave and 2 deeper. Months went by and the leader had forgotten about the cave and the bandits. The 2 bandits that went deeper never returned so and the other 2 bandits were ambushed by draugr risen from the dirt.
This dungeon is basically for lvl 10+ people."

Crypt of Skaldivar by Tergrok
"The Crypt of Skaldivar is a Nordic crypt to the east of fort Greenwall and was built for a Deceased Dovahkiin named Skaldivar the Brave who has been dead for thousands of years. However a group of necromancers have recently taken refuge inside the crypt, possibly with plans to raise and bind Skaldivar the Brave to their will."

Vault of Kingorc by Kingorc
"You are looking for treasure and there are lots of it in Kingorc's vault."

BlackCreek Depths by SteezMyster
"No description found"

Arthyngrad Sanctom by Lochie01
" Arthyngrad Sanctum is a large Ancient Nordic Dwelling filled with Draugr, Skeletons and spiders. It is located North of Whiterun and South of Dawnstar."