Night Elf Warpaints by Beeto
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Night Elven Warpaints for Skyrim.

Converted Beetos "Night Elf Tattoos" from DA Nexus for skyrim.

Replaces female Warpaints 1-10, you can rename the files with whatever number of the default skyrim warpaints you like in order to keep the vanilla ones (Sorry i'm just too stupid to create a stand-alone). I.e. rename the desired warpaint into femaleheadwarpaint_10, the 10nth warpaint is kinda like nowhere used in the game, so i i'd suggest using that number and everything beyond.

Maximum Credit to Beeto for his Dragon Age mod on the DA Nexus.
Extra Thanks to Vioxsis

Used with permission as he states in his mod description:
No need to ask. If you have a project you want to
use these for, have at it. I'm just happy if people like what I did. And if someone uses my work for their own
projects, that just means that I did a good job. Just remember to give me credit for my efforts and we're good.