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Dragons Adore Manor

Reasonably spacious player home in the vicinity of Whiterun.
With convenient scripting for easy crafting.

Created a quest to go whith the house Essential Elements

1.2 Fixed weapon and ammo adding scripts.
1.1 Fixed armors lying around. Hopefully now displayed properly on the mannequins.


- Treasure room. (The Cellar)
- All crafting tools with convenient storage boxes. All scripted for easy use.
- Some personnel who craft arrows and weapons for you.
- An old guard, patrolling the place.
- Lots of storage and bookshelves.
- Couple of weapon racks.
- Couple of Mannequins.
- Target practice area.
- Map Marker for fast travel.
- Included is a save for the start of a new game, as the owner of this estate.

How to use:

Treasure room:
Deposit your gold and gems in de Deposit box and activate the Treasury Ledger. Minimum of 500 gold pieces. More gold gives a more interesting effect. The script will keep track on how much gold you have stored.
Note: Depositing too much gold or too many gems can crash your game due to the havok system not being able to cope. (I tested with 200k gold and three hundred gems at once, worked fine)

Crafting Furniture:
When activating one of the crafting furniture, a script will add all necessary ingredients for this particular craft to your inventory which are in the storage boxes.
Activating the nearby storage box will remove all items from your inventory and add them to the appropriate storage boxes.
Forging furniture == Smithing Equipment chest (This chest also takes your gems and adds them to the Deposit box in the cellar.)
Alchemy table == Alchemical Ingredients cupboard on its left
Enchanting table == Soul gem Storage at the foot of the ramp
Tanning rack == Tanning Items Storage
Smelter == Ore Chest (Ingots go to Smithing Equipment chest)
Cooking pot == Recipe book == Larder

Arrow Barrels: / Trough
Daily a number of arrows will be deposited in the barrels in the target practice area and one weapon in the trough by the anvil, thanks to Jessica and Will. These are leveled item arrows, so the higher your level, the better Jessica and Will's crafting skills are.
This initiates after the first time these containers are loaded. (they are not safe storage)

Recommended (but NOT included):

Unlimited bookshelves by da5id2701
With this mod the Shelves will accept all kinds of items, very nice for decoration.

Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD
Fixes wandering mannequins.

Save game:

You start as a male nord, who has recently inherited Dragons Adore Manor with all its assets and the personnel now work for you.
This character has almost no fighting and magic experience but has a bit of forging skill.
You can use showracemenu in the console if you want to change your appearance and name.

- Place DragonsAdoreManor.esp in your Data folder.
- Place the script files in the \Data\Scripts folder.
Make sure the esp is checked in your Skyrim Launcher.
- Place the save in your save directory. (usually documents\my games\skyrim\saves folder)

- Delete DragonsAdoreManor.esp from your data folder.
- Remove script files from \Data\Scripts folder.
- Remove the save from your save directory.

Known Issues:

The employee house (the one with the target practice) is not a 'no reset zone'. No safe storage in there. (also not safe are the mead barrel and the sacks)
Spawned dragons will not part with their souls.
NPC's may sometimes walk into walls or stand completely still.
The Guard sometimes attacks Letrush. (but is that a bad thing?)
Alchemy Leger sometimes says it transfers more items when it doesn't, has to do with briar hearts quest items I think. Stops when activating the alchemy bench when you have ingredients stored.
When too many gems or too much gold is dumped, your game can crash.
If the outdoor Wood Chopping Block doesn't work, apply some force to it (hit it with a weapon or arrow).
Sound from the sharpening wheel in the main house gets stuck on Jessica somehow and can be heard in other areas.

I sure hope everything else works properly, I never uploaded anything before. If you encounter any problems, let me know.