The El-Finnal Family by Obblivion Johnchi
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Mod by Obblivion, or John Chi

The El-Finnal Family


1. Description
2. Installation
3. Used Mods/Resources
4. Update plans

1. Description

- This mod is “Currently” a simple Follower Mod with three followers; Erudito, Malvadore, and Ellyah El-Finnal. They are all for the player in Winterhold, the Frozen Hearth.

- The three followers are all connected as a family. Erudito is the elder, Malvadore is his son, and Ellyah is Malvadore’s Younger sister. They all have specialties that they can use.

- Erudito El-Finnal(63)
? He is a Two-Handed Greatsword Warrior. He will not other weapons but that. His level is set to 80, and he is very overpowered. Erudito is for Intense-Difficulty Dungeons or Mods. He can use Fire Breath shout and a dragonrend.

- Malvadore El-Finnal(34)
? He is a Dual-Wielding Warrior. He will not use bows or greatswords. He is leveled along with the player. (Warning: Do not take Malvadore with Erudito If you’re using UFO mod. They don’t like each other.)

- Ellyah El-Finnal(33)
? She is an archer. She will not use Greatswords or One-handed Weapons at all. She can use a Frost Breath Shout.

2. Installation
-It is Fairly Simple, just drag all the files to the Data Folder. Just like any other mods. Oh, and there are Two ESP's. Apply ONLY the one with shorter name. Applying them at the same time would cause crashes.

3. Used Mods/Resources
-Xenius Character Enhancement
Geonox Face Textures