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This mod aims to make the lower level armours (Fur, Studded, Leather, Hide, Iron and Banded Iron) viable for longer by adding perks which allow them to be improved at the same level as other armours that have their own perks. It also re-organises the Smithing tree to enable players to go completely heavy or completely light from perk 1, while still giving equal access to the path neutral perks (Arcane Blacksmith and Advanced Armours).

The Steel Smithing perk now requires level 20 Smithing in order for it to be acquired, while Basic Smithing and Iron Smithing can be chosen as the first perk. The other level requirements for the perks remain unchanged.

The complete changes this mod makes are as follows:
Changes to vanilla perks:
Steel Smithing improves the following:
- Steel armour and weapons
- Silver weapons
- Imperial heavy armour
- Imperial weapons
- Draugr weapons
- Falmer weapons
Advanced Armors improves the following:
- Steel Plate armour
- Scaled armour
- Honed Draugr weapons
- Honed Falmer weapons

The new perks change the following:
Iron Smithing:
- Iron armour and weapons
- Banded Iron armour
Basic Smithing:
- Hide armour
- Studded armour
- Leather armour
- Wood weapons
- Stormcloak armour
- Imperial Studded armour
- Imperial Light armour
- Fur armour

In this way more weapons and armour become viable and stay viable for much longer.

It also changes the way the perks connect to each other. As the pictures show, Arcane Blacksmith and Advanced Armors are accessible from both paths because they are path neutral. The perk dependencies for most vanilla perks remain unchanged except for Steel Smithing, which now requires Iron Smithing, and Dragon Armo,r which no longer requires Advanced Armors on the light armour path, but level requirements remained unchanged except for the aforementioned change to Steel Smithing.

NOTE 1: The only reason Iron Smithing has a connection to Elven Smithing is so that the tree doesn't fall apart in the Creation Kit. Iron Smithing is not a requirement for Elven Smithing.

NOTE 2: For those of you using the AutoPerksStatsLevels mod, you need to change the following line of code in the configuration file: Change "Perk_SKILL_Level_Steel_Smithing=0" to "Perk_SKILL_Level_Steel_Smithing=20".

-- If you are looking for a mod which fixes the problems with vanilla perks without restructuring the tree, then try Smithing Perks Overhaul by Headbomb ( --