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Merchant Contract
Skyrim Mod
By Kaylakaze
Version 0.1
Install using NMM or by copying the files in you data directory. If that doesn't make sense, check online for tutorials on installing Skyrim mods.
This mod creates a buyer merchant named Sylvia. She has gold burning a hole in her coinpurse and she's willing to buy almost anything. The only items she sells are those sold to her by the player, which she'll hold on to for a little while. She doesn't buy items anywhere specific, instead, her contract allows her to be magically summoned by whoever holds it, for the cost of 1000 gold. Once she's been summoned, she'll continue to work at that location until she's summoned somewhere else. She charges her price each time she's summoned, even if it's only a few feet from where she was.

Her contract can be found on the bar in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.


I made this because, although I like modded in "abodes", they're rarely near someone to sell your stuff to. With this mod, you can "hire" a merchant to live in your house and buy your spare items.


Things to change:
I'd like the "Activate the contract" menu to happen AFTER the note is opened, but can't find a way to make it happen.
I'd like her to look a little better, at least wear makeup, but it was all I could do to get her skin colors to match

Things to add:
More contracts for different types of merchants could be added.

Let me know of any bugs you find.