-The Divine Octavo- by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere
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MrcheesyH says:
"Good job on another outstanding mod."

killerbuddy says:
"This is very cool." and "I really like your immersive mods that add such good content."

-Short Description-

This mod adds
3 new NPC merchants with unique dialogue
2 new Scrolls with new magic spells
6 new Spell tomes with new magic spells
6 new Skill books (lore based)
3 new books (lore based)
5 new meshes and textures
1 new staff
1 new location (companion friendly)

-Long Description-

The Divine Octavo is a family run store in Solitude, just left past the Winking Skeever. Farvyn and his familiy have gone through difficult times in the past with vampires and have set up shop to help with what they have learned about a possible war against living. Maren, Farvyn and Aldi's daughter was kidnapped some time ago by a master vampire and the whole familiy did there part to rescue her. Since that day thay all have become devouted vampire hunters. The Divine Octavo specializes in anti Vampire and undead wares and a few custom spells to make things a bit easier for when the threat of vampires is full force. Farvyn is the store owner and he specializes in book restoration. From the books he has restored he has learned a few new spells (which are not scripted) that he hopes the citizens of Skyrim will purchase. (Cure disease, pack mule, nighteye and extended cloaks.) Aldi, his wife, specializes in potions and his daughter Maren sells jewelery.
Each member of the family has unique/custom dialogue using vanilla assets, to bring a fresh new feel to the game in time for Dawnguard. I myself RP three different characters, two of which are not magic users. This is why I have implimented Farvyn to have these new scrolls as they do not require any magicka. He also carries a cure disease tome for those who are magic users. The cost to cast is under 100 so anyone can cast it. Farvyn also has a large supply of soul gems for sale.


The main purpose with this mod is of course to make vampire slaying a little bit easier, by adding new merchant NPCs with their own dialogue and equipment. This mod is intended to accompany Dawnguard, but works beautiful without it aswell.


Manual download.
Open file in new window afer in zipping.
Open computer\local disk\program files\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
Move FaryvnsDivineOctavo.esp into data
Move meshes into meshes
Move lose scripts to scripts folder, open source folder, move source files into source
Move Sound into sound. If you do not have a data/sound folder move the whole folder over.
Move textures into textures.