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===>>> Dovahkiin Manor <<<===
---> by TukkOrdo <---


***ATTENTION! This is the Stormcloak Version, If you're looking for the Imperial legion verion, follow the link bellow.***

Skyrim Nexus
Steam Workshop

This House in located just outside Fort Hraggstad

This house/outside includes

Tanning Rack
x6 Stormcloak Soldiers
x4 Stormcloak Tents (SML)
x1 Stormcloak Tent (LRG)
Camp Fire

x2 Shelfs
x4 Chests (These chests where not touched in the update, everything put inside them before 1.5 is still there)
Large Shelf
Dresser (Same as chests)
Bed Roll
Bookcase (Same as chests)
Alchemy Station
Archane Enchantment table
Food Crafting station
and some nick nacks =P (Everywhere)


Skyrim: Steam Workshop version

Skyrim Nexus version

Update History:
- V.1.6 - Fast Travel point added.

- V. 1.5 - Overhual of Dovahkiin's House interior. Overhual of the outside of Dovahkiin's House, minor bug fixs and lighting fix.

- v. 1.0 - Overhual of Dovahkiin's basement, minor bug fixs and lighting fix.

- v. .5 - Initial Release.


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