Wolverines collection of batch files for spawning NPCs -- ideal for testing Automatic Variants by Wolverine2710
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If not might I very friendly and politely ask you to (re)consider doing so. Leviathan1753 and Automatic Variants REALLY deserve this!!

I personally do NOT think a "endorsement/unique download" ratio of 4.8% and a vote ratio of 1.94% (date 2012-08-11) is 'right' and just. The numbers are also VERY consersative because they are for the first release only and I'm sure many have found and downloaded AV after the first release. Meaning the ratios are probably MUCH lower.

2012-08-11: Version 1.0 has been released. Now all supported AV-tized NPC's can be spawn using a bat file. Exception Frost Giants by StarX which are in a seperate mod currently can't be spawned.

This mod page contains a collection of batch files which can be used to spawn NPC's such as animals, monsters in Skyrim. Most batch files spawn 5 NPC's at once, others spawn one NPC. Because it are text files they can be easily changed to suit your needs. I find it ideal for testing automatic Variants by Leviathan1753. Which is also the reason I created the batch files in the first place. I also have included a batch file called "AV-testmode" which prevents the spawned NPC's from attacking and killing you. Those nasty Giants, sabrecats etc tend to do that. Do NOT forget to run the command again because else you will find out the hard way (like I did) that Skyrim does not seem to work because every NPC in the game basically just stands there and does nothing.

Information about Automatic Variants

  • A video found on youtube and created by Sounaipr (author of a few AV Packages ) shows AV in action using a few of the availabe AV packages:
  • Also this slideshow of pictures of AV-tized NPC's created by Leviathan1753 might give you a good impression.
  • More information about Automatic Variants and what it is can be found on my on my Nexus page called "Wolverines collection of Automatic Variants Ports tools and resources" .

That page will act as a central hub where amongst other things an overview of my collection of AV Ports is shown and links to the corresponding mod pages. This is also the reason that I have disabled the forum here, so all questions, remarks can be centralized.

Forum for problems/questions/comments for any of my mods

As I will likely end up with 10+ mods in the long run its NOT doable to have a forum for every mod. Hence I have ONE forum which is located at the central hub, this forum can be found here. You are all invited there.

Collection of Batch files

Author: wolverine2710
Version: 1.0
contents: 99 batch files
Initial release : 2012-07-21 version 0.6
Latest release: 1.0
released: 2012-08-11
Requirements: None. But most suited for testing out AV.
Updates: Now all supported AV-tized NPC's can be spawn using a bat file. Exception Frost Giants by StarX which are in a seperate mod currently can't be spawned.

Installation with an installer

Either install with Nexus Mod Manager(NMM) or Mod Organizer(MO) using the 'Download with manager' button in the filesection.
When using Wrye Bash (WB) copy the download .7 file to the WB installer directory and install mod with WB as usual

UNinstallation with an installer

Uninstall using NMM, MO or WB following the normal procedure.

Manual install

Copy the AV and Docs directories of the 'manually downloaded' file ' to the Skyrim/Data directory.

Manual uninstall

Uninstall the files and diretories which you installed during the manual install. CAVEAT EMPEROR. I have multiple mods and ALL documentation goes into Docs/Wolverine2710/. This means DO NOT simply remove the wolverine2710 directory in the Skyrim/Data/Docs . THIS WILL remove all other documenation for my other mods as well!!


To execute a batch file open the console (default key is '~''') and type in a command. Examples are:

bat "AV/testmode"
bat "AV/add/Bear/1"
bat "AV/add/Chicken/5"



You might consider visiting the central hub because if you look very carefully there you just might find something of interest to you. Especially if you are interested in Automatic Variants ;-)


Leviathan1753. For Creating Automatic Variants (and Skyproc which AV uses) and being very patient when I was asking way too many questions in his AV thread.